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I took some but they are about as clear as mud. I can’t get the hang of my new digital camera. I blame not enough technology 😉

I did lots of tidying but until I can clearly photograph the damage, I’m a bit stuck. I’ll have to see if I can borrow another camera. I also need to do hoovering – which must be done by half past or I’ll be in trouble. So I guess I’d better go…

Blogs again

I’ve been offline for about 3/4 days due to not really being in a fit state to work a computer – it requires brain power. In the meantime I discover that everyone has been writing, and lots. Added to the fact that I can’t remember how far I got before my brain went to mush, this doesn’t help. I do like reading blogs though and it’s nice to know what people are up to. I’ll try and catch up as soon as possible but thoughts are still taking a little while to process at the moment.

I can’t believe what’s *got* to happen in the next two weeks! Two weeks today I should be on my way back from Snowdonia with Ship Folk. In the mean time I need to return to work, finish work, hold an Ann Summers Party, visit a friend in another city, go to yet another city for the new job and spend almost a week doing that. Then I’m coming back here to rent the car and go to Wales. At the moment I’m still debating whether I’m well enough to go back to work yet.

When I went to church today everyone was making comments about how rough I sound. I’m also still having to prop walls and things up when I cough. Nice, but not particularly healthy. 😉

House hunting is seeming as promising as it can be bearing in mind what I’ve managed to do while being ill, and miles away.

Anyway, I’ve been up for at least two hours since my last nap. It must be nearly time for the next one. lol.

Spare Time Extended (in more ways than one)

Smudgie asked me about ‘spare time’ and I think, as commented below, that it is the time when things get done. I told a friend about it and he said that it’s the busy time around work. “You have to go to work for a rest after ‘spare time'” and what’s sad is I know what he means – in some ways.

I’ve been off work for the last week – a combination of the horrible fluey thing and holiday – and now my time is up. I’m off for a good night sleep soon then it’s back to work as normal.

The question is, should I find myself under-employed in my ‘spare time’ what should I do? I don’t think it’s going to happen in a hurry, but it is worth thinking about. I looked through my diary and I’m busy most weekends between now and Christmas. Then I heard that I might be invited to yet another event. It’ll be great if I can go but I’ll have to see. I do enjoy being busy. Seriously.

The other question is, what should I have as my homepage? I’ve decided that, as of tomorrow, I’ve had enough of the current one but that means I need a new one… I’ll have to get thinking. It’s probably best not being the Ship or the Wibsite as it would mean I spend too much time *not* looking at them. 😉

I’m broken now.

I’ve been away for the weekend to do stuff. It was lots of stuff, and stuff that needed thinking about. It’s the last time I’ve had to do this, in this capacity. It was nice to be able to catch up with friends. *waves at friends*

What was also nice, but somewhat strange, was receiving complicated computer instructions about websites in a pub. We set up the lap top and looked at a nice site that is going to be launched tomorrow. He was trying to compare HTML coding with me and I didn’t understand. 🙁 He said it means I still have my life. Apparently. 😉

Anyhow, I’ve Got. To. Go. To. Sleep. as I’m a little tired now.

P.S. It is nice to be able to do things I’m interested in, in my spare time.

Me and my bright ideas

I have plans for the future and they’re bright. But definately not orange. Blue, Green, Pink and Purple but not orange. I’m thinking of going and living out in the real world (which this isn’t really) on my own. Having been a student I have a collection of odd things scattered all over the country so I was trying to remember what I have and haven’t got. I didn’t have plates. The three I’d aquired from charity shops didn’t last the two years I was there so I needed some new ones and now I have some. I bought enough bowls and plates to legitimately call it a dinner set. A 20 piece dinner set unless cups and saucers are seperate then I have 24!! I’m all happy. Sad isn’t it. The Dinner Plates are blue, the side plates are pink, the pasta bowls are green, the olive bowls (the names they give to things – who has olive bowls?) are purple and two of the cappucino cups and saucers are blue and the other 2 are purple. It’s great even though I think of them as big bowls and plates, small bowls and plates and cups and saucers. None of those funny titles. They were in the sale too so they should have been roughly £97 and I paid £30. It’s great. Can you tell I’m pleased?

I’m going to apply for another job or two depending on what I see and things are looking up. Especially as things get back to normal here tomorrow. It’s been a retreat week in the house which means I’ve been confused. Not that it takes a lot.

In my infinate wisdom I’ve agreed to make a banner for an organisation I’m involved in. This is a good plan except for the fact that I have to make it, well I did agree, and it needs to be made by Greenbelt if possible. I’m trying to find cheap but suitable fabric for this venture and you wouldn’t believe it could be so complicated on the internet. I know that it doesn’t normally make sense to buy fabric on the internet but I’m trying to cost the thing while waiting for updates to download. I’m sure I’ll get there in the end.

Last weekend I bought anti-virus software complete with firewall and all the extra jazz. It’s been really fascinating to track where people are trying to access my computer from. Everywhere from Boston to Lambeth and Moscow to Hong Kong.

Anyway, it will be nice to talk to the sisters again tomorrow.

Computer worries and blonde visitors

I’m getting a visitor today, assuming she arrives here in one piece. A fellow blogger should be headed in my general direction to stay for the night. Saying that, the night may be well and truly underway when she gets here.

I’m still trying to assess the future. I think I’ve worked out how much I would need to earn per year in order to make the plan happen. Can’t decide if this is a good thing or not as I’m still not sure how much I like the plan.

This morning the 2 twenty-somethings were helping (well…) in the kitchen. It did remind me of comments made by Smudgie about how helpful the Smudgelets can be at times. I did feel sorry for the cook. One of us was going round saying “my tummy hurts” and the other looked asleep all morning. Not a lot got done. Well and truly mature, we were. Honest. Oh well.

My computer has decided to play up again. This is not big, smart or clever. I’m having problems with the anti-virus software so I thought I’d download it again and that is expected to take nearly 3 hours. Last time I tried it wouldn’t work properly. I’m also trying to get my hands (metaphorically) on my emails but the daft programme is trying to download them all since day dot. This could take a while. Oh for broadband again.

Living with nuns can be great at times but it is always weird getting back into things again. I’ve been back a week now and still feel somewhat muddled about what is going on. I’m sure I’ll get used to it again.

I’ve been invited to a big party in Manchester soon and must try and sort out accommodation and see if I can afford it but I’ll see what happens.

Anyway, off to look for visitors…


Easter in a Convent

Having gone from a low church non-conformist background to a relatively high church Anglican order has taken a little getting used to, and over Holy Week and Easter I was aware of just how little I have traditionally done at this time. It wa a little intense from the end of Maundy Thursday as it should have been. Friday was all silent, well, mostly. I was worried about how I’d survive this but I found it really good. I would have appreciated more sleep over the weekend but that was partly my fault as I was frantically trying to write a website. The website was really appreciated and they seem really enthusiastic about getting the right content on there. I’ve decided in this respect that I will let people know where to find the information if they want to see it. I’ve decided I’d rather people found out about the Community than am bothered about hiding my identity. I may live to regret this tho.

Yesterday was lovely. We had a luxurious dinner and had the opportunity to have drinks before and after the meal. I think the drinks were very welcome after lent. When folks were eating meals yesterday they seemed very pleased to be eating things like marmalade, chocolate and salt. The things we give up for lent, eh?

I’m back home now so thought I’d make the most of the internet access here. It’s much better than in the convent. I’m away somewhere else tomorrow, but I had a cunning fall back plan the other day. My time at home is making me think that the idea wasn’t so good after all. The thought was that it may be a good plan to come back home and live with my family again for a couple of years to sort out student debts and things but within a few hours of being home I’d decided this wasn’t for me. I really hope ‘else’ turns up.

It will be an interesting few days anyway but I’m back with the Sisters by the end of the week.