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After Edinburgh

The whole experience of being part of the protest was fantastic but it was a little draining. Suffice to say, the combination of being in the Meadows for a day and having hayfever means my chest is all clogged up now. What else do you expect when you go on holiday?

I’m back down in Devon following a train journey of over 7 hours. Thank goodness for 14 day advance first class tickets. I don’t know what I would have done without the almost constant provision of drinks. Oh the luxury. That was £29 very well spent.

I’m back with the family again. Grandad has been moved to a lovely community hospital, I hear. When I’ve stopped sniffling I’ll go and visit. It was my sister’s 21st birthday yesterday. I can’t believe she’s all grown up now! Apparently she had a lovely day which was just brilliant news.

I really must get my WISE gifts sorted. I’m sure I’m going to end up being one of the last people to send and receive mine. As I’m so far from home at the moment I’m not going to check in until mid next week and I really need to send the presents before then. I’m beginning to get some good ideas as my WISE victim has been posting some very interesting things on her blog lately… I’m sure there are only so many things you can add to a blog that you wouldn’t mind for under the price limit. Anyway, my gifts will come with a little of my sense of humour (I hope), so you have been warned.

Has it really been that long?

It’s hard to believe that it’s two weeks today since Grandad went in to hospital. So much has changed and so much hasn’t.

Grandad had a stroke that has primarily affected his memory and has now been move to the rehabilitation unit for people who have had strokes. He is still very confused and feels fine so when he’s aware he’s in hospital wants to escape. He has also been looking for the family under the bed and things like that. At other times he seems really with it and understands what has happened.
Both my uncles arrived with my grandparents safely and have subsequently returned home. It was really good to have them all together. Mum and her brothers realised they hadn’t been together, just the three of them, in the whole of their adult lives! That in itself was a good thing. They’ve discussed the future and have many ideas about how they could possibly progress depending on what Grandad needs. Nanny is trying to be prepared for a number of option too. She and mum went to look at a new house this week so they could (Mum, my sister and Nandad) all live together but both decided this is too soon as we don’t know what Grandad will need next.
It was nice to actually be able to get to know my uncles a bit better too. I had some really nice chats with both of them while I was at home and one of them dropped me back at my flat on the way past. It meant I could have a new duvet from nanny. She has a spare double duvet and mine’s really quite cheap so I’m going to swop them over. Yeah for me.

Anyway, this is one of my two days off this week. Yesterday I went to the nuns and it was great but today I have far more mundane things to do like unblock the bath – Arti’s cunning method doesn’t work here. 🙁 I also need to write to a friend from uni who’s going to do a Camp America type thing and I meant to write to her ages ago.

I also need to try and find a cheque. Lots to do and the idea of going back to sleep is just sooooooooo tempting. 😉


Grandad is seeming better, from what I understand but this is by no means an indication of recovery. He has had a clot in his brain and the surgeons are unwilling to operate. He is weak and frequently confused but is far more lucid than he has been. I arrived back with my family mid afternoon and my uncles are travelling tomorrow to join us, in fact one is in the air as I type.

The members of the family are all dealing with this in very different way – I’m writing this, mum’s trying to be strong and is currently lost in a telly programme, my sister (who has had the most challenging day) was last seen crying into her boyfriend’s shoulder, her boyfriend is trying to support her as best as he can, and Nanny is just trying. She seems to be varying so much but we’ll see what happens.

I’m hoping that the best thing will happen but I have no idea what that is. Some of us are beginning to think of the implications for the future for any number of the different possibilites.

It is definitely better to be here and see the real status, talk to the nurses and talk to Grandad that be at the end of the phone when somewhat emotional and obscured messages reach me.


The real reason I popped by…

I popped by today, having taken a little break, to find out how people are getting on, because Ian commented that I hadn’t been around and because two things have inspired me to write again.

Firstly and most importantly, my grandfather has been taken to hospital this evening and I’m really worried about him. He’s neither as young or healthy as he was and there is the possibility that he could have had a stroke. It’s a long way home – 3 hours on the train or nearly 5 on the bus, and therefore isn’t cheap but really that is the last of my priorities at the moment. If I need to go home I most certainly will. I’ve been waiting by the phone for news since Mum called to tell me this was happening and that was almost 4 hours ago. Still nothing. I really hope he pulls through.

Before all that happened I was planning to stop by and tell you a little about something I spent the day exploring. I went to a most interesting event about HIV/AIDS and the church. It was a really challenging and thought provoking day which has inspired me in very many ways. It is also something that worryingly few western churches campaign about or work with. Once I’ve got my thoughts more in order and clarified what’s happening re Grandad I’ll write more about it. It’s certainly an area that each of us should explore further.

Regarding swimming – I’ve been about 10 times this month but am currently in something of a quiet patch having been travelling more. This means that I’ve not had access to the pool. 🙁 Anyway I’ll keep trying.

Oops again

It’s been a little while since I blogged again. I’ve been neglecting all(?) my loyal and valued readers.

*Warning* This post may be a little sarky as I’m in one of those moods. Oh dear!

It’s been one of those days, weeks and months.

I went away with my mum at easter which was nice. We went to the Peaks and it made such a change as I visited when I was a student in One Of The Many nearby Cities. I have also worked in the area – albeit for a weekend. We went down some of the caves and I even managed a gentle hike of about 6 miles. Not bad going really! We had a good time and the B and B was really nice. Mum whinged that she’d put on more weight and I expect I did too but I don’t have the addiction to the scales that she does.

Things seem to have been okay generally. I’ve actually written to the landlord now. In fact I wrote mid last week but I still seem to be failing to post the letter. I’ll do it when I get home – later in the week. There have been additional reasons to make me do it sooner rather than later – ground rent bills, broken window (again) and mould. Lovely eh? I wouldn’t recommend living with me – I try not do it frequently.

Last week I went to London for the Wake Up to Trade Justice vigil. I lost my protesting virginity and even managed to steward at the same time. It was a good night and I managed to see Tall Girl and Mr Tall Girl, Alice, Dave, Excited Rainbow Girl and her sister. I didn’t think that to be too bad going. The problem was that I saw most of the people I knew as I was trying to leave. Doh. It has to be said that there are distinct advantages to being a worker at these events. It mean’t I didn’t have to queue to get into Methodist Central Hall.

I’m guessing a number of us got very tired though. I was chatting to P while he was at his stand – it must have been 5 in the morning. When I was talking to him later in the week he wanted to know if we’d managed to see each other during the vigil as he couldn’t remember. Oops. I did have to go and have a long nap after the vigil before I could face travelling home though.

So, all that was in London. I’m guessing that makes it the otherest city. It’s definitely not any of the Other Cities.

It all seems quite strange though, I’m back in London as I type. Staying with the same friend as last week but for entirely different reasons. I’ve even managed to meet up with some of the same people though. How bizarre, or alternatively how small are these circles I lurk in!

Anyway, this doesn’t seem too bad a post bearing in mind (erm…?) the mood I’m in. I hope you are all well and I’ll endeavour to post more frequently.

P.S. The problem has been fixed, Chorister. Thanks.

*quick wave*


I know I’ve been absent for a little while – I mean nearly a month without a word. How dare I?!

Things have been a little busy. This time last month I was at the SCM conference. If you didn’t see any comments about it, Sophs and Sarah posted about it. It was good to see that they enjoyed it. Since then I have been on a mad tour of the country including Bristol, Bath, Swansea, Glamorgan, Cardiff, Bangor, Liverpool, Manchester, Radcliffe, Nottingham, Derby and Loughborough. It certainly was mad! It was good to see people all over the place and I’d specifically like to wave at the Swansea Massive! While I was on my travels I saw Alice and Benjamin who both seem very well. I have a photo that I will *try* and upload at some point. Benjamin is sweet and it was really lovely to be able to stay with them both.

I have done so much lately though, and I cannot remember everything that has happened.

I’m currently staying with family for Easter and Mum and I are going to the Peak District next week. It’s been quite funny though as me and the lady from the B and B got so confused that I originally booked for the wrong week. Oops. It’s sorted now.

Anyway, I’ll be off.

Birthday angst.

I’m not a big fan of birthdays but this years really hasn’t been two bad (except that my dad and sister both failed to send me anything on time). I went to the convent and they made me lovely scones that spelled out ‘Happy Birthday’ and I got the ‘B’ and ‘I’.

When I’ve finished my G & T I’m sure that it’ll all be fine…

I might go to the theatre tomorrow to see Curry Tales but I’m not sure. A friend is coming to stay tomorrow night, but for the second time running I have successfully failed to tidy the flat before his arrival. Oops. Sorry R.

Conference plans seem to be going well and I’ve finished the workshop. The latter will be online soon.

Broadband has now been connected. Horray.