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Ok, Ian, I see why you wanted me back – I’ve missed being tagged at least three times. I’m going to have to cheat a little and combine the posts so they are all together. I’ll try and catch up with everyone’s blogs at some point soon. Sorry.

Tag 1: Movies
1. Total number of movies I own on DVD/video
Erm – they are my weakness, so too many – and I don’t have a telly. I think it’s 53 DVDs (including tv stuff) but I’ve traded about 20 recently. They are:
13 going on 30, Almost Famous, Amelie, American Splendor, The Beiderbecke Affair, The Beiderbecke Tapes, The Beiderbecke Connection (box set), Bend it Like Beckham, The Bourne Identity, But I’m A Cheerleader, Chicago, Die Another Day, The Dish, Dogma, Empire Records, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Fellowship of the Rings, Get Over It, Goodbye Lenin, Grease, Ice Age, The Incredibles, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Box set), Josie and the Pussycats, Kissing Jessica Stein, Mean Girls, Monsters Inc, Motorcycle Diaries, Moulin Rouge, My First Mister, Ocean’s Eleven, Peter Pan, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Romeo and Juliet, Saved!, The Secret Policeman’s Ball – Complete Boxed Set, Shattered Glass, The Shawshank Redemption, Shrek, Spirited Away, The Station Agent, Strictly Ballroom, Tipping the Velvet, Tomb Raider, Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Van Helsing, The World is Not Enough and X-Men.

2. Last movie I bought

3. Last movie I watched
Star Wars Episode III

4. Five movies that mean a lot to me
Strictly Ballroom – It’s worth it just to hear my grandparents trying to make us ‘Show [them our] Paso Doble’
Moulin Rouge – If you’ve never heard Nat, Jenn and I yelling along to El Tango de Roxanne then you’re very fortunate but it is definitely a good thing from my time at uni.
The Incredibles – It’s just such a great film and I got it by trading in some of my old and unwanted DVDs, so it was free.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show – It reminds me of making one of my (male) uni friends a corset for our trip to the theatre to see the show.
Pirates of the Caribbean – It’s just such complete escapism!

5. Tag 3 other people.
I’ll come back to this later…

I’ve just come back from a good night with good friends and although I have a 9am lecture, I’m too excited and generally high to get to sleep, so thought I would take up Tractor Girl’s challenge.

Total Volume of music on your computer:
Which computer? Between the two, I must have about 10GB music.

The last album you purchased was:
Well, the newest album I have is Kasabian’s new one but I didn’t buy it. I don’t think I’ve bought an album in about 4 years!

Song Playing right now:
Radio 4 – not that it’s a song but it was playing Iraqi music.

Seven songs you’ve been listening to a lot recently, from several genres:

Fearless – The Bravery (It’s on Kerrang! lots)

Early One Morning/Young Collins – Jim Moray (It’s often on in the office)

In the Waiting Line – Zero 7 (from the Garden State soundtrack – great film)

Superman – Stereophonics (Kerrang again)

Sailing By – I don’t know who it’s by but it is always a sign that I need more sleep.

Little Sister – Queens of the Stone Age (Kerrang yet again)

The National Anthem – It’s after sailing by and before I often go to sleep.

Enough different styles covered?

Tag Three more:
I’m not going to link, but the people mentioned are more than welcome to comment adding their links if they wish:
Laurence, Jenn and Legally Blonde (no, I’m in no rush).


I also wanted to say that I’m feeling really quite smug about managing to get a copy of The Incredibles. It’s such a good film! What did it cost me? A few DVD’s I didn’t want any more! It’s so good to be able to trade them in and get something worthwhile from the trade.


I popped in to my letting agency to check post and buy electric. While I was there one of the staff asked if I’d found a new flat yet as he has some people who want to move into my flat. He said not to rush me but the implication was the sooner the better.

He wanted to know how hunting is going. Bearing in mind I appeared in the middle of the afternoon, I’d guess that I’m ill, and if I’m ill I can’t house hunt in a city nearly 100 miles from where I currently live.

I’ve also had to accept the fact that I’m not well, so am not going to either w*rk. I did go into w*rk yesterday, but decided that was such a bad move I came straight home again.

On the positive side, it’s nice to be able to spend time watching films. I watched the three Baz Luhrmann films I own – in between being asleep.

Night all…

If you were a DVD… part 2

… and weren’t in the following places:
on the floor (not in any room, unless it’s under the furniture)
in any of the DVD cases
in any of the CD cases
in the CD folder
on my desk
on either table
in the DVD player (thanks Bec)
in the other computer (I don’t have a telly so watch DVDs through either of my computers)
in my paperwork…
… where would you be?

I’m going to go through the books to check I didn’t use it as a book mark in a fit of madness. It’s unlikely to be under the cushions as I don’t have any – but I haven’t checked under the throws yet. I’m going to check under my chest of drawers. It’s also not in the writing cupboard or in the drawer in my bedside table. Nor is it in the fridge (thanks Jan), or in my rucksack. I’m feeling somewhat confused as to quite where I can have lost it now.

On the positive side, I have discovered that it is possible to replace it without having to buy the whole set . If anyone is interested it’s The Beiderbecke Connection DVD (that’s in the set with the Beiderbecke Affair and Beiderbecke Tapes). I do know that if I buy a replacement I’ll find the first one.

At least my flat is being gutted and cleaned in the process of looking for this.

If you were a DVD…

… where would you hide?

I’ve lost a DVD and I’m putting off turning the flat completely upside down in search of it. I’ve looked in all the DVD cases and my CD folder. I’m about to go through the CDs and it doesn’t *appear* to be in my bedroom. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

It’s probably with one of my hairbands that I lost ages ago but seeing as the DVD is one from a set of four it would be gutting to have lost it completely.

Yes I am Female

That’s the other thing that’s been happening lately, people are mistaking me for a bloke again. It happens not too infrequently due to my name but it is always entertaining.

One of the cabbies the other day pointed me in the direction of one of his colleagues as he was expecting a bloke. I asked him who he was waiting for and he said my name. I responded with “that’s me” and he seemed most surprised that it was a woman.

Think of the line in Bend it Like Beckham, with a character of similar name. It’s just that effect albeit in reverse.

Spiritual Direction

I finally went to see someone about spiritual direction last night. I’ve been looking for a new spiritual director since I moved and it’s taken a little while to get sorted. I found it a very useful session and told the person in question what I felt was important without raising the subjects directly. It always helps.

What was a little embarrassing was that I think I wrote him a snotty email of complaint last summer for something that was out of his control. Oh well, I live and learn.

I also went to the cinema last night – saw Hellboy. I wanted to see Stage Beauty but missed it by 5 minutes. Hellboy isn’t too bad – it served the purpose. Having missed the film I wanted to see, I wanted to see something relatively mindless and I find a good superhero drama frequently hits the mark.

I’m still thinking about several of the things raised at Greenbelt and they still aren’t making too much sense yet.

Oh yes, in my madness I’ve joined the dating agency thread on the Ship.

Right, it’s time to wake up.

My mum came to stay last week and it was no where near as bad as I had predicted. In fact I think we actually both had good times. She did spend a disproportionate amount of time *in* my flat waiting for things. We did lots of things in the evening like went to the theatre, went for a curry and went shopping. Seeing as my usual routine at the moment consists of:
get up
go to work
do work
come home
go to sleep
doing else came as something of a shock. The delays to the journey to the south west in the first place didn’t help.

(I’m so tired, it’s taking forever to write this)

I’m supposed to be chairing a group planning a conference, well not a conference – an EPKAC! Anyway, it is in February and I’m running approximately two to three months behind on the planning. I also discovered that there should have been someone taking over from me relatively soon but it’s been delayed so it may happen that I’ll still be chairing things come the event. I really must get stuff sorted in order for things to happen. On the positive side I’ve been talking to the relevant people but I need to be awake before I write letters to folk. Hopefully I’ll recover a bit over the weekend.

I saw Spiderman 2 last night and nearly fell asleep in the cinema, due to tiredness rather than the quality of the film. In one bit of the film Peter Parker is so tired that he’s always late for work and uni and he entirely forgets when his birthday is. I feel about that tired at the moment. D, who I went to the cinema with, remarked that I was flagging *a bit* by the end of the evening. Yep.

Other than work, I’m supposed to be sorting out the EPKAC, dealing with various problems around here and keep doing the things in my diary. This weekend is my only free weekend this month. I’m going to a wedding the weekend after. I’m so not going to remember cards and pressies and things. Oh well.

The weekend after that is Greenbelt. Greenbelt, hmmm…

Last time I went to Greenbelt I promised I’d never go again because I *hated* it. Last year I decided that I did want to go and couldn’t. One of the more minor reasons I hated GB was that I didn’t know anything about anything and didn’t really know anyone other than some people from uni.
This year I am going and I’m not going to face that problem at all. I’m involved with the SCM stall and will be on one of the panels in Student Space, I want to go and see some of the people from YLGC, I plan to join the other bloggers and I want to see some of the ship folk. This is along side the friends from all over the country who are going to be there, as are some of the people from the Convent (not nuns tho). This is even before any of the events that I may want to see.

I don’t think that GB is going to be a restful weekend so I’ll have to take some time off in September to recover. If anyone can make me a sensible schedule for the Greenbelt weekend, or recommend anything worth going to please let me know.

Changing the subject entirely, did anyone hear the Radio 4 programme on Rookie Reverends? It was very interesting. Hmmm…

I really should get some sleep.

Night all.

I’m not a sister!

Well, ok, I’m a biological sister but not a religious. I answered the door today to a delivery man, and after dropping off the shopping, he said “Thanks Sister”! I know I wear a gert big (at least to me) cross but it’s really nothing like the crosses worn by either the sisters or the novices. I’m trying to work out whether this is a complement or not. I think it is. I mean, I’m barely old enough to be a novice let alone a fully fledged sister. I’m really quite happy not being a sister, but still being here. I do have an official title/role here but it is quite a detached one. It’s still not like being a guest, although some guests plan their stays to me more like my kind of stay.

Had another reflexology session today. It is an interesting feeling, it makes my feet warm and fuzzy and just generally nice. I also agreed to try and clean the ‘horse’ today. I fell asleep instead. It’s good to know I’m still living up to my other internet name.

I appear to be the resident computer expert at the moment, which is something of an interesting situation because I’m never really sure what I’m doing, but I fixed the machine, at least for five minutes. I don’t know what they keep doing to them.

Lately I’ve been thinking that I should start to think about what I want to do when I leave here. I came up with what I thought was a cunning suggestion, at least for a year. This being a typical Jo variety of cunning plan, I have yet to find out the feasibility of the idea and really decide whether I want to do it. I was getting quite set on the last bit. Yes, I probably do want to do this but I need to check how realistic the idea is. I was looking at the paper to see if there were any vacancies for this particular job, and I nearly had a heart attack. There is a vacancy. Good, I thought. Then I read it. Then I nearly had a heart attack. The fact that I would need a degree was very worrying. Why would I need a degree for the job? But what really took me back was the fact that it was both in the worst place imaginable, for the job in question that is.

I’ve also had another idea of an interesting (not entirely unrelated) job but that would be a *really* interesting twist to things, but I’d guess that I’m not qualified enough for that one either.

Having reconciled my studying issues I had pretty much decided for a number of reasons, mostly financial, that I’m not going to be a student full time again. Part time study is always a nightmare as life gets in the way even more than with full time studying. The jobs I’m now becoming interested in require graduates. Typical. If I were to go back to full time study there is at least another 2 years (taking it to 5 years studying and a 1 year break) and if I carry on part time it will take another 5 years. I mean, I wasn’t in a hurry to graduate, but this is just taking the mick. There’s no point saying I wish I could have completed the course the first time round because I didn’t. It’s typical that I’m considering this again. I’m hopeless at following through on decisions. At least on the positive side, if all my searching for jobs leads to jobs which require a degree I might have enough motivation to get a degree by the end of the exercise. Grrr…

Anyway, on the really positive side I’ve been doing uni reading today too, so I’m far less behind. I MUST write at least a first draft tomorrow. I’ve still been keeping my lent things but I really want something sugary and sweet now. At least I can tomorrow. It’s sherry trifle after lunch because it’s a special occasion. I’m sure it’s doing me good. Folks here keep remarking that I look like I’m losing weight and that can only be a good thing. Went to compline tonight. It’s changed a little for lent and I was worried that the hugely extended silence would be a bad thing but it really isn’t. I’m actually really appreciating the silence which is something I thought I’d never say.

Must right essay, but not now. I should do lots of reading then go to sleep. I overslept a little this morning so wasn’t where I was supposed to be on time, but then I also slept this afternoon so I’m not so tired now.

Note for Jellyfer: I’m listening to Moulin Rouge 2 through my headphones. Spectacular Spectacular and the Bolero. Remind you of anything? It certainly reminds me of good times.

Watched Donnie Darko again. Last time I watched it was the first time I’d seen it and it’s really weird. Didn’t do much better with it this time. I think I’ll stick to Shrek or Amelie, both feel good films.