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Thanks for all your concern. It’s been a hard few weeks really as the war with the landlord had reached a bad point before I got thrown out. Now I know I have to move out I’m still in the process of coming to terms with it and it did lead to quite a fantastic crash at the weekend. Fortunately I had some very supportive friends around to pick me up. Unfortunately this happened in the middle or w*rk but it could still have been worse. It was really lovely to be able to catch up with people though.

It’s quite hard to remain optimistic about it all as there is nothing in the paper or on the websites this week and the flat I applied for fell through. It’s going to be an interesting few months.

What was quite interesting was that I was heavily involved in lent group on Thursday last week. Apparently there has been lots of positive feedback which is really good. I’m feeling surprisingly positive and upbeat about all things church at the moment. Somethings aren’t too bad.

Eh well, back to work now then…

Citizens Advice Bureau

Why is it that they only open while I work and they don’t tell you on the website that to get an appointment you need to arrive half an hour before they are supposed to open?

So, that’s half a day wasted. Oh the joy and I’m no further on and now I’m scared to use the cooker in case I set fire to things. Grrr…

General update

The only thing that I’ve really dropped by to talk about lately is the state of my flat. Fortunately it is not the whole sum of my life and I have been really quite busy with other things – local preaching, w*rk, flat hunting, social life…

Local preaching
I’ve been involved in leading services since December and I have been given the date of the first sermon which is some time in the future (obviously). I *might* tell you when it is, nearer the time, but I might not as it will be quite scary. Mothering Sunday is a bit daunting too but at least I don’t have to do the sermon. Things progress with my tutor and progress is being made – I hope. I’ve also survived my first local preachers’ meeting and really didn’t find it too traumatic.
It’s also all a good excuse to find out more about Methodism (which I’m a relatively late convert to) by asking many of my (poor, unfortunate) friends. Fortunately the ones I’m thinking of don’t read my blog, to the best of my knowledge… I had a really good chat with one of them today which was really nice. It’s good to be able to do these kind of things which aren’t related to w*rk. Which leads nicely to…

On the whole I don’t discuss too much about w*rk, so I hope you’ll tolerate a brief update only. As ERG has already blogged about and mentioned by Blonde, there was a conference recently. It’s also been hinted that I was involved in it… It was a very good but hard work weekend. I really did manage to enjoy it too, which is a bonus. The atmosphere just seemed so lovely and I’m really glad and relieved it turned out okay.
About a month ago, I went to an interfaith conference. It was absolutely brilliant. I got to learn so much more about Islam, Judaism and the Ba’hai faith. It was really enjoyable and I’m so lucky to be able to do things like this as part of my job. Woohoo.
There is another residential coming up at the end of the month and it’s probable that there will be more than one wiblogger there too. It’s always nice to catch up with wibloggers, especially when they come to my city. He he he.

Flat hunting
I’ve now started flat hunting. I’ve seen… one. Unfortunately it was too small but at least I’ve started. I cancelled todays appointment as I didn’t like the agent. The one advantage of the current situation is that there is no real urgency to leave so I can pick and choose. I’m not looking forward to the next stage of the war with the landlord. The agency are best described as… not all that helpful. They want to hold a meeting in my flat with me and the landlord present. I’m really not looking forward to that at all and I hope to recruit someone to keep me company. It’s possible that it will be a long and drawn out war but that’s what it now is. I’m going to the Citizens’ Advice Bureau on Thursday and I hope that they will be some help. Anyway, all I need now is somewhere new to live…

Social Life
I’ve recently developed one! It’s great. I’ve been to a birthday do each weekend for the last three weeks! Mum reckons I should get friends who live closer together as I’ve been to Leeds, Manchester and London for the events. I guess it’s a good thing that I live somewhere in the middle of all those places. It’s been really nice to catch up with folk, and it’s been an entirely different set each weekend – me being the the only point of overlap. I’ve seen uni friends, church friends and w*rk friends. It’s fantastic.
During the last weekend, I did get accused of drinking a little too much (alcohol). This was just my luck as I had only water but it entirely goes to prove you don’t need alcohol to have a good time. It was so much fun… Singing along merrily to Abba, Grease and a whole bunch of other cheesy music. I think there should be more evenings like that.
This week I should be going to see someone I know through work in a play. That should be good fun too. I’m not really trying to spend time outside my flat, honest. 😉

Well, I guess if my life is just *that* hectic(!) I should get to point (5) on the things to do list (below)… Go to bed.
Night all.

The Straw that broke the camel’s back

I know I have much to catch up on and tags to complete but I thought that I should update you on the flat situation.

The inspection didn’t happen on the first because the Landlord said he would come and fix some of the problems. He said he couldn’t give me exact dates for a number of reasons which I’ve decided now shouldn’t matter. My contract says 48 hours and that’s what I’m going to insist on from now on. I reluctantly agreed to provide access at some indistinct point in the future at his convenience to look at different things but if people were visiting I wanted a note to know that they had been. No notes appeared – not even when I got home from work very late last Thursday to discover the contents of my kitchen in my hallway, the sink resting on the floor and no surfaces. It was still about another hour before I discovered that (of course) they’d turned the water off too. Bearing in mind it was already late and was possibly the busiest night of my year so I was Really Not Impressed.

On Friday I phoned the agency and was told that the landlord apologised, would email me and it would all be done by Friday evening. When I eventually got home, yesterday, I found that all the junk from the Kitchen was still where it had been dumped and I was really quite angry. This was nothing to the anger from the email when I read it at about midnight. The subtext of it is that the Landlord thinks I’m lying (I’m really not), i’m wrecking the place (it’s still in better condition than it was when I moved in), I’m hypocritical (well, frequently but not on this occasion) and that he’s not going to do anything else until I make some effort to come to his half way point.

Basically, his gripes are that I am not living up to his slightly idealised standards of living. Mine are that he’s breaking the law. According to the law, my flat is uninhabitable.

The email isn’t even phrased well – or for that matter politely. It appears that punctuation is optional, making it quite hard to read. I know I don’t always get mine right, but I am aware of the concept! It served the purpose of making me more angry than I can ever recall being (even moreso than Thursday night). The email is above and beyond what is acceptable. I have been to the agency today to report this and have made it clear that I’m looking for somewhere new – the sooner the better. I DO NOT intend to spend any more time here than absolutely necessary. I’ve told the agency that too.

So, back on the normal front – I’m currently sitting in my very cold flat, shaking, as there is no heating. I will be intregued to know what happens when, tomorrow, I get called by the agency about my complaints.

Another year over, another year older.

I appear to have survived another birthday and had a nice day with the sisters, followed by the evening spent with good friends old and new. It’s really special to me that two friends have traveled to share the weekend with me. It’s also special to get to spend time with people who are like a second family to me (the sisters). I told one of them this today and she seemed really delighted that I had told her.

It’s been nice but seeing as it’s well into tomorrow now, and there can be no hiding from the mid twenties, I’d better get some sleep.

On another matter I’ve also not received a date from the agency.


I heard back from the agency. I don’t know whether the guy generally wasn’t impressed or just has a bad telephone manner. He wants to come round with the landlord to appraise the situation. I’m guessing this is good but still scary. I need to do lots of cleaning and sorting out of stuff but today am too knackered. I went to a day to train me in creative worship techniques yesterday and was involved in leading worship this morning.

I’ll tell you more soon.