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Noteworthy Good Service

Despite my frequent gripes about train travel we are incredibly fortunate to have two very, very good teashops – one at each of the local stations and they do make life considerably more tolerable… so much so in fact I’d like to share my great joy from todays experience.

On returning to the larger of my local stations, I grabbed a drink from the aforementioned place.  As part of my ‘health kick’ I’m often opting for soy milk in drinks rather than dairy.  This is a regular occurance but today was the first time it was met with the following response.  After expressing my desire for chocolate on my drink, the assistant asked me whether I had a dairy allergy before adding it to my drink.  I was really impressed at her courtesy and awareness.

The other notably excellent tea shop can be found at the other central station, in fact just across the road from where I work.  They are mostly notable for selling rather excellent tea, called Teapigs.  I would very highly recommend the tea, and the pigs are a very good fun way to get a wonderful brew.

Horray for good tea shops which make the journeys tolerable.

Something I’m definitely not telling you

I’m certainly not telling you that I’m still procrastinating about tomorrow’s service. It’s the first one I’m doing on my own and I’d completely forgotten that ’til Thursday. I will get there but it’s almost tomorrow and I still have a long way to go. Thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.

It’s on trust and I’m gong to pinch the reflection from our very own Sarah. But then I still have a long way to go….

Procrastination again

Procrastination is a skill I’m much practiced at. I am moving on Monday and before then I need to finish packing up my old flat – I’d say about half of it is done. Maybe.

I also need to redraft my sermon for next week, go to the office and be involved in leading worship between now and then. I also need sleep (procrastinating type?) and I have about two days to go…

Possibly not enough boxes either but we’ll see.

Now, what was I procrastinating with?

Flat stuff again and smiles

Today I feel just great.

Okay, I’ll do the negative stuff first – I still haven’t finished sorting out my flat or even managed to email the agency. Oops. I need to make some progress today as some people have invited themselves round on Tuesday. *exasperated* I’ll get there but currently I’m procrastinating.

Today is such a lovely day. It’s the kind of weather I like – cold and sunny, but not too cold. There’s blue sky and not much wind. It’s lovely. I was involved with a service this morning and I thought it went really well (considering). We’d been planning it over the phone as both of us were far to busy to actually meet until this morning. Oops. 😉 There were also very few people there but it was such a great atmosphere.
It’s the first service I’ve done where it’s actually involved what I think in the planning for the whole service rather than just the bits I’ve been allocated or chosen. It was true team-work and was great. I came out of the service really buzzing despite still feeling anxious at midnight having not finished writing the prayers.

I’ve also had the opportunity to catch up on a good number of blogs this morning so I can see what people have been up to (or not). That was nice, then I went for a wander to a new pub for lunch (my reward for doing services). It was brilliant just having the opportunity to wander around, have a nice lunch and start contemplating two of my next three services. As a friend said, it’s amazing how productive procrastination can be.

Now for decisions, do I carry on knitting said friend her scarf, or carry on planning services, or tidy up, or have an afternoon nap? Maybe I’ll let you know later? Who knows?

Oh dear. :(

I got cold, and did the only thing I can do in the cold. Shut down all the non-essential systems and turn on the portable heater.

In other words I fell asleep. Must. Do. Tidying.

ETA – have now started but didn’t want a whole entry to mark this achievement. back to the grindstone

Oh dear. :(

Okay, everything is now packed and ready to go. The problem is the post office shut five minutes ago. I do have a semi decent excuse today. I’ve been not well and spent lunchtime and all afternoon hiding under a duvet until I was well enough to go home – it’s amazing what we keep in the office. 😉 I’m about to go home now, still not feeling great but knowing that I can (almost) definitely get to a post office tomorrow.

Procrastinating again.

I’ve been accused a number of times of procrastinating too much. Nah, I don’t do that. Not me. Never.

Ok, well maybe sometimes.

A friend is coming round for a bite to eat and to watch a film on my laptop. She should be here in about an hour and the flat still looks like a bomb has hit it, I need to finish the washing up, start cooking and find the living room. I’m sure I’ll remember where I left it eventually.

Work is going much better now. I’m avoiding the woman who was annoying me, and she seems to be avoiding me too. I’m up to date on what I’m supposed to be doing, and I’m only a few minutes behind now on my flex system. This is not a problem as I’m doing a 13 hour day on Thursday, and I only have to work 7 per day.

I have discovered that the week I’ve booked off work to go and do SCM things is the same week as some of the first meetings of this particular variety at work. Never mind, I’ll have to get someone else to go instead. Not sure my boss is overly impressed that I’m not taking a whole week off but it’s not up to her.

I also had an interesting meeting with someone from my uni days. It was very illuminating.