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How on earth did I spend 18 months doing nothing?

When I was supposed to be at university I ended up in a situation where I spent all my time doing nothing. Not getting up, not going anywhere and spending my whole life in the dark. Okay, so initially I was suffering from ME, then I got bad depression but even so.

This is the third consecutive day I’ve not been at work. I’m SO bored. I’ve done all the washing up and cleaned half the kitchen, I’ve made bread and I’m even planning to do the washing and hoover the flat, not that hoovering will take long. If it takes me 5 minutes to do that then I’ve evidently vacuumed the same place twice!

I’ve reread Harry Potter 5, tried repeatedly to find the DMs I want in the UK and painted my nails for the wedding tomorrow. This last action was not one of the most cunning plans as, having let the nail varnish dry, I went and stuck my hands in VERY HOT water which messed up the polish. Oh well, at least it gives me something to do this afternoon.

I do need to wrap the presents for the wedding tomorrow and think about what I plan to take to Greenbelt. Hmmm, I think that it’s lunch time tho.

Getting back to the title though, I really don’t know how I did nothing for so long? Never mind, if you’d asked me then whether I’d be whinging about not doing things now, I’d have thought you were mad. Never mind.