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EPKAC again

If you don’t know what EPKAC stands for and I haven’t told you by February, feel free to ask.

I’ve had another response and so we now have the radical person too.

That makes one radical, one biblical, one ethical and one speaker but also have two still waiting.

I must speak to M about one of the still waitings. If she reads this, please let me know how things are going…?


Procrastinating again.

I’ve been accused a number of times of procrastinating too much. Nah, I don’t do that. Not me. Never.

Ok, well maybe sometimes.

A friend is coming round for a bite to eat and to watch a film on my laptop. She should be here in about an hour and the flat still looks like a bomb has hit it, I need to finish the washing up, start cooking and find the living room. I’m sure I’ll remember where I left it eventually.

Work is going much better now. I’m avoiding the woman who was annoying me, and she seems to be avoiding me too. I’m up to date on what I’m supposed to be doing, and I’m only a few minutes behind now on my flex system. This is not a problem as I’m doing a 13 hour day on Thursday, and I only have to work 7 per day.

I have discovered that the week I’ve booked off work to go and do SCM things is the same week as some of the first meetings of this particular variety at work. Never mind, I’ll have to get someone else to go instead. Not sure my boss is overly impressed that I’m not taking a whole week off but it’s not up to her.

I also had an interesting meeting with someone from my uni days. It was very illuminating.

Greenbelt again

It was good. Did lots of work for SCM over the weekend – far more than I was supposed to in lots of ways. I went to Student Space every night even tho I was only needed once.

I still need to unpack and unload the washing machine.

I did find some of the things the borrowers borrowed tho. They *were* in sensible places.


I really think that I should say something about it but I’ll come back to it later. Hmmm…

I’ve been given lots to think about but unfortunately can’t blog the majority of it cos it’s not actually got as far as understandable thoughts. I’ll have to come up with new ways of expressing myself.

I’m still so tired. I needed lots of matchsticks at work today and wanted to sleep all day. I’m sure I’ll recover eventually.

EPKAC – The Update

For those of you who know what I’m going on about, it’s actually getting somewhere from my point of view. At last I’ve sent off the letters to the office so the remaining people can be invited.

I won’t reveal on here who’s been invited in case any decline but there should now be a complete list. Subject to them saying yes. I also have back up plans too but hopefully they won’t be needed. I also have back up plans for my back up plans.


I’m sure that there are all sorts of mistakes in the letter tho. I’m so tired. At least I’ve asked someone to check them for me.

Right, it’s time to wake up.

My mum came to stay last week and it was no where near as bad as I had predicted. In fact I think we actually both had good times. She did spend a disproportionate amount of time *in* my flat waiting for things. We did lots of things in the evening like went to the theatre, went for a curry and went shopping. Seeing as my usual routine at the moment consists of:
get up
go to work
do work
come home
go to sleep
doing else came as something of a shock. The delays to the journey to the south west in the first place didn’t help.

(I’m so tired, it’s taking forever to write this)

I’m supposed to be chairing a group planning a conference, well not a conference – an EPKAC! Anyway, it is in February and I’m running approximately two to three months behind on the planning. I also discovered that there should have been someone taking over from me relatively soon but it’s been delayed so it may happen that I’ll still be chairing things come the event. I really must get stuff sorted in order for things to happen. On the positive side I’ve been talking to the relevant people but I need to be awake before I write letters to folk. Hopefully I’ll recover a bit over the weekend.

I saw Spiderman 2 last night and nearly fell asleep in the cinema, due to tiredness rather than the quality of the film. In one bit of the film Peter Parker is so tired that he’s always late for work and uni and he entirely forgets when his birthday is. I feel about that tired at the moment. D, who I went to the cinema with, remarked that I was flagging *a bit* by the end of the evening. Yep.

Other than work, I’m supposed to be sorting out the EPKAC, dealing with various problems around here and keep doing the things in my diary. This weekend is my only free weekend this month. I’m going to a wedding the weekend after. I’m so not going to remember cards and pressies and things. Oh well.

The weekend after that is Greenbelt. Greenbelt, hmmm…

Last time I went to Greenbelt I promised I’d never go again because I *hated* it. Last year I decided that I did want to go and couldn’t. One of the more minor reasons I hated GB was that I didn’t know anything about anything and didn’t really know anyone other than some people from uni.
This year I am going and I’m not going to face that problem at all. I’m involved with the SCM stall and will be on one of the panels in Student Space, I want to go and see some of the people from YLGC, I plan to join the other bloggers and I want to see some of the ship folk. This is along side the friends from all over the country who are going to be there, as are some of the people from the Convent (not nuns tho). This is even before any of the events that I may want to see.

I don’t think that GB is going to be a restful weekend so I’ll have to take some time off in September to recover. If anyone can make me a sensible schedule for the Greenbelt weekend, or recommend anything worth going to please let me know.

Changing the subject entirely, did anyone hear the Radio 4 programme on Rookie Reverends? It was very interesting. Hmmm…

I really should get some sleep.

Night all.

I’m sure I get more readers when I’m not writing

I’ve just been checking the recent visitors bit of the site and I’m sure things are creeping up faster now I’m not writing much than when I am. Hmmm…

I’ve now been in the job for over a fortnight and things are picking up which is good. I’ve even had proper things to do for *my* bit of the job rather than everyone else’s.

My flat is looking a lot more sorted now than when I last wrote and I even had the opportunity to visit another wiblogger. Arti even wrote all about it!!!

On the whole I’m knackered having to adjust to looking after myself. Having been in the convent where I was suitably pampered in as much as I worked part time, had my meals cooked for me and my room cleaned, the differences are definately noticeable. 😉

People are being absolutely brilliant tho. In the absence of a washing machine and fridge I received several offers of locations to do washing and the offer of a loan of a fridge. Unfortunately I couldn’t take *all* the offers of places to do washing. Neither could I take the fridge as it just hasn’t worked out that the right numbers of people with the correct mode of transport could be gathered in the same place at the same time. It doesn’t matter tho as Mum is coming to stay next week and we’re going shopping for such things. The problem with this arrangement is that I have to go home. Eugh…

Anyway I should go and find something to eat. It’s amazing how different my diet has become seeing as I don’t have a fridge and for the first week only had one saucepan.
I skipped lunch today, which is bad, because I was having my hair done and then I needed to get to work. It does mean I’m feeling a little tired and hungry now tho.

Oh, and for those people who know what I’m talking about… the EPKAC has a main speaker. HORRAY. At last. What a relief, etc.

Emails and Dreams

Or even dreams and emails. That is the right order in more than one way.

Had the weirdest of dreams. It involved homophobic abuse, people from Home, from Student World and from the convent. It definately wasn’t fun. Oh well. It wasn’t real either, but it did mess me up for the rest of the day. Serves me right for not getting up when the first alarm went off. It happened between the alarms. Must. Do. Better.

I have been promoted to a dafter level of minion that before. I am a sucker for taking on more jobs and not saying no. Must learn from Alice’s list. As a result of my latest scheme I need to send out a whole bunch of emails and letters. Ideally before I move house. What with this being a good church structure it needs the approval of a committee first. It may take a while and I move in 9 days. I think I should have been more organised. Even so, I came online to email folks and I’ve forgotten who I came to email. Oops. I got distracted by my mentor sister who has just returned from holiday complete with a beach.

My mentor sister has ‘mum’ed me and supported me brilliantly throughout the last 6 months so it was really good to see her again.

There is so much to think about at the moment tho. My latest scheme is needing to have some idea about a church to go to. I’m not sure I want to stay where I attended last time I lived in The Other City but I also need to find somewhere that will accept me for who I am without saying nice things like I couldn’t possibly be. I also could do with finding someone who I could explore new spiritual direction things with. Hmmm… the church can be quite a problem at times.

Randomly changing the subject… Does anyone know of someone who might be able to lead a Christian workshop that’s crafty and to do with textiles, like making banners? I really could do with someone.

The reasons I’ve not been writing much…

Are somewhat complicated but worryingly mundane. I’ve been doing too many things. I’m involved in an organisation (which I’d rather not name) that has hit a rocky patch and whatever is decided is going to hurt someone and so it’s making decision making hard.

Decision making on an entirely different front – I heard back from four of the 6 jobs. I’ve had one rejection, which didn’t surprise me, and three offers of interviews. I’m not planning to stay in this city for much longer so have been applying for jobs elsewhere and while this does have its good points it makes getting to interviews something of a challenge. This is tied into the previous post. I have two interviews next week and one the week after. As I am a temp atm I need to work in order to get any pay at all due to complicated holiday structures. It means that I need to make the trip at least twice. The interviews are in two different organisations and each have their pros and cons. I’m not sure which of two jobs I want most. Assuming I get offered any of them.

The sisters are being really supportive and it’s brilliant. I’m going to be away so much over the next few weeks and, theoretically, there isn’t long before I leave. I still need somewhere to stay but I’ll deal with that after I have got myself a job. I really hope things go okay otherwise I really am going to be stuck. I can’t believe how fast time is going now. It seems only yesterday I was thinking that it was only half way through and I needed to start looking at the future. I must be getting old. One of the sisters, she’s 90, keeps saying how fast time goes by. At least I have a few years to go before I get to 90!

I have also agreed to chair another committee for another organisation I’m involved with. I must be mad, but is should be good fun (at times). As long as things don’t need doing during the day time over the next fortnight! I think, with the exception of the days I’m away, I average two events per day. The majority of those are work days too. Who’d have thought a year ago I would be complaining about how little time there is for things?

Understandably the website has moved onto the backburner. It is still under discussion and a work in progress but I still need time to actually do it and to meet with the sisters. That sounds a strange thing to say that I’m struggling with but it is true. With Sundays having a different timetable to the other days, until today I hadn’t had normal lunch with them in about a fortnight. I’ve been out, ill or busy every day. It’s mad.

I have found the last few weeks very affirming and positive. I’m about to embark on a whole new chapter of my life and I’m finding it worryingly unscary!!! Okay, next week it might be different but even now it still seems okay, ish.

When I first came up with the plan I spent a long time looking for reasons why it was a bad plan and none of them were prohibitive so two months on, here I am. I really hope things are going in the right direction, but only time will tell.

*Yawn* Must get sleep before interviews.