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Standing Pool

If a swimming pool is named as such for the activity which takes place within it, my local one needs renaming.

I’m fortunate enough to be able to attend a primarily adult-only pool.  It’s not exclusive, and in fact there were children present today, but the target audience is usually adults.  The pool isn’t huge but is rather aged and so is about 25 metres long but possibly only 15 wide.  As such the space is split into three lanes: slow, medium and fast.  Fair enough so far?

I suppose at this point I should confess that I really value swimming as a solitary past time.  It gives me the opportunity to tidy my head up and take any frustrations out on the water.  Also I go to a pool to swim.  It’s a simple enough routine.  Every 6 lengths I stop to clear out my goggles and somewhere around 30 lengths I’ll stop for a minute or so to catch my breath (assuming I’m carrying on past there).  I have no objection in the least to people stopping each length to catch their breath, nor people in the slow lane interrupting their nattering for the occasional length.  What I do mind is people hogging all the turning space at the end of the pool in the mid-speed lane because they’re too busy gossipping.  Perhaps I’m strange in this, but I don’t think that being semi-naked and barely wrapped in a small piece of lycra is the most enticing environment for a chat!

It seems to be turning out that I don’t necessarily have the same ideas as to what most people consider self awareness and consideration.  Should I find myself the slowest or fastest person in my lane, I move to the appropriate one.  Should I see someone coming to the end of their length, I try to make space for them and am willing to let faster swimmers go before me.  It appears I’m in the minority.  I should also confess I’m not the fastest swimmer ever, I tend to plod along, but when I’m in danger of overtaking someone despite giving my legs a rest, and using only breast-stroke arms they’re probably in the wrong lane.

Well, despite my swimming trip offering a few frustrations, it was productive too.  60 lengths were swum, and boy can I feel it.  Before Christmas, and last time I went swimming, I was managing 30.  And the people standing at the end of the pool – they’d probably managed 10 each in the same time.  I thought I should probably make a bit more effort today.  I hope I can still move tomorrow.

The real reason I popped by…

I popped by today, having taken a little break, to find out how people are getting on, because Ian commented that I hadn’t been around and because two things have inspired me to write again.

Firstly and most importantly, my grandfather has been taken to hospital this evening and I’m really worried about him. He’s neither as young or healthy as he was and there is the possibility that he could have had a stroke. It’s a long way home – 3 hours on the train or nearly 5 on the bus, and therefore isn’t cheap but really that is the last of my priorities at the moment. If I need to go home I most certainly will. I’ve been waiting by the phone for news since Mum called to tell me this was happening and that was almost 4 hours ago. Still nothing. I really hope he pulls through.

Before all that happened I was planning to stop by and tell you a little about something I spent the day exploring. I went to a most interesting event about HIV/AIDS and the church. It was a really challenging and thought provoking day which has inspired me in very many ways. It is also something that worryingly few western churches campaign about or work with. Once I’ve got my thoughts more in order and clarified what’s happening re Grandad I’ll write more about it. It’s certainly an area that each of us should explore further.

Regarding swimming – I’ve been about 10 times this month but am currently in something of a quiet patch having been travelling more. This means that I’ve not had access to the pool. 🙁 Anyway I’ll keep trying.

Smugness has gone

Yesterday I felt all smug that I’d been swimming before w*rk. Today I did the same. I definitely did not feel smug. I felt, and still feel, achy. Oh well, I’m sure if (sorry, when) I go tomorrow it will get worse. I’ll just have to reward myself with two days off to recover.

Maybe starting off at 1km a day after having only swam once in the last year before yesterday was pushing it.

We passed

The flat and I passed inspection and I was complimented on how well I’m looking after the place. Got blagged a bit about some of the problems but I’m going off to research them and present my findings to the landlord. If anyone happens to know the official (ish) guidelines on such joyous things as mould I’d love to hear about them. I’m going to start at the local government website. I *know* things can be done and I will make sure they happen. Enough fighting talk for one day methinks.

I’ve had a particularly good day today! I went swimming before w*rk. It’s amazing the difference going swimming at that time in the morning makes to life in general. It’s great. I’m going to aim to keep it going but we’ll see how long it lasts.

By the way, does anyone know any good simple vegan recipes? I’m out of practice and my friend is coming to stay for the weekend. I’m not sure meals with dairy products in will go down too well 😉 and that’s mostly what I have. Oh well. We’ll get there by the weekend.


Seeing as I had to leave in something of a hurry last night I thought I’d finish what I was writing. Other than ranting about swimming costumes I was going to randomly babble about other things too. Fortunately I cannot remember all that I was going to say.

Yesterday was the big deadline at work, which unsurprisingly I missed. I was expecting to and it wasn’t entirely due to my own errors. I ordered some stuff that I NEEDED for the assignment when I first started work but it wasn’t ordered until last week. Also my line manager needed the computer – the only one with correct access – at exactly the same time as I needed it. Oh well. He’s gone now and I have about 2 more working days to complete the work. It shouldn’t be too bad as long as I’m left in peace.

It was really nice to be able to spend time in the community again. I’ve been missing it because I’ve been working too much. For the first three days this week I didn’t make it to any corporate events at all. That’s bad. Today didn’t start much better when one of the sisters visited me in my room. I’d overslept and didn’t start duty on time. She was really lovely tho and covered for me while I frantically pulled myself together sufficiently to get up.

The staff here are interesting too. For the third or forth time since being here I had to ask the cleaner not to clean my room. It looked like a bomb had hit the place and I wasn’t willing for her to clean when it’s in that state. That was yesterday and it still looks as rough as anything. The cook was great this morning. I arrived in the kitchen looking like a zombie and eventually asked if I’d had breakfast, something I’d already been asked by the sister who woke me up. After I answered ‘no’ she bullied me until I ate something. It was probably a good thing.

It is the closing date tomorrow for the job I REALLY want. Hopefully I’ll get short listed as it seems right and a good next step from here. I think it would be really really good. (spot the enthusiasm). There is another vacancy and the closing date is next week but it doesn’t really look so perfect.

Things in the house have been a little more interesting over the last week. Without revealing much because it wouldn’t be fair on the sisters, things were just a little more tense than usual. Okay, I know it’s going to be but when it happens it’s still upsetting. Hopefully it’s all over now but it wasn’t fun.

Recently a fellow wiblogger texted me and if they are reading I’d like to apologise for not replying. I will get round to it but I’m just a little tired at the moment. Tomorrow is my day off from everything and I still don’t know what is happening. I’ve realised I am currently doing the equivalent of 3 part-time jobs on a weekly basis. No wonder I’m tired. It still seems weird that I get more tired doing the same job for three days without a break than when I split them all up. Oh well, everything work wise is back to normal next week but things change in the house. I understand there is some form of religious festival coming up, but I could be mistaken. 😉

Anyway, I NEED sleep so I’m going now.

I am honest…


Trials and Swimming Costumes

Would you believe how hard it is for the not so thin person to buy a decent swimming costume? I would settle for one that fits.

I’ve been looking for over a month now and even shops which have a plus size range of normal clothes don’t seem to do many swimming costumes. I ideally want one that won’t reveal the bits I want to hide to the world. I’m not asking for much. I want something that has a ‘sports’ back to it as the other ones fall down. I want it to have a reasonably high neckline – for a swimming costume. I can’t even find one that fits!!!

Okay, so I’m not the skinniest person in the world ever by a long way but I still want to swim.

Got to go. Internet deadline. 10pm and I have to be out of the computer room. New rules


I’ve been volunteering for things again. It leaves me no time to just be. Went to office today tho which was progress.

Even went swimming. Only 34 lengths today. Oh well.

Back to work again tomorrow.

I’ve submitted an essay tho, and I’m almost ready with one of the application forms. It will be a relief when it’s gone now.

Curses and Swearing will be omitted (or at least hidden). Honest

If you’ve heard me rant about housemates before, please switch off now. The events are different but the person is the same!

I really wish some things would be left to lie. Some of my house mates I was sad to leave behind at the end of last year, others I was hoping I’d never hear from again. Even to let me know they were dead, assuming they ever are. Since then some I’ve wished to keep in touch with, I don’t ever get round to talking to and others who I don’t want to hear from are still trying to talk to me. Do they not get the message.

Last night I decided to go swimming. A good move, and I swam 40 lengths and then waited an hour in the snow for the bus. Brrrr…. That’s why I didn’t blog last night. I was frozen. It was a good session, and hopefully next week I’ll manage 50! It had been a long day at work and I was bleary eyed from filing over 1000 sheets of paper, so I went swimming to help me sleep. When I got back I collapsed in front of the telly. It was the first time I’ve watched it in ages (although I watched it again tonight – shock!).

When I came up to settle down for the night I saw that I’d been phoned, and didn’t recognise the number so texted to find out who it was. This was my stupid mistake. The ******* started playing silly bees with me and wouldn’t give me a straight answer. Saying that it only took two replies from the other end to let me know who it was, at which point I denied all knowledge of myself. We’ve had big problems via electronic media twice before and I NEVER EVER want to see this person ever again. I tried to convince the person at the other end that they had the wrong number but it didn’t work at all. I received all sorts of horrible message and the phone wouldn’t stop ‘ringing’ (how can a silent phone ring?) until well into the morning. I know that this is a convent and we go to bed (comparatively early, honest) but I’m hardly going to be able to talk at that time of night! We have a time at which silence is required, and it’s definately BEFORE midnight.

As a result of this **** I contacted the service provider to try and get the number barred from calling me, it upset me THAT much, but apparently they don’t do that. They advised that I report the incident to the police but that seems something of a harsh response when the person was probably drunk or stoned. Anyway, the git would probably have even more of a go at me if the police got involved, so I’m left with the hope that I never hear from them again. I can dream.

On a more positive note, w*rk is going well. Or at least I think it is. I’ve come up with a cunning plan for not wasting so many trees, I’ll make CD’s instead. This proposal has gone down well. I forgot to take my timesheet to the agency today so I’ll have to go tomorrow. Oops.

I also went to a good alternative worship thing this evening, complete without tv’s, computers and anything particularly complicated. We had a little music, some stones, pens and paper and some sweets. It was nice. It was also in the chapel so I didn’t have to go too far.

Anyway, gtg. Night all.

This lent I’ll be…

Remembering not to post seemingly cunning suggestions on my blog. I have successfully made it to compline… Ok, I’m yet to make it to compline. It would have made so much more sense not to write my decisions until I’d started them. I’ll know better for next year.

When I’m rich and famous I’m going to buy a new battery for my lap top. One that lasts more than half an hour would be nice. It’s most annoying to get into something then for the stupid machine to shut down again. It’ll take a while until I’m rich and I’d rather not be famous really.

W*rk still seems to be going well, and I’ve applied for a job at the local Museum and Art Gallery. It might not be a good thing tho so I’ll see what happens. The last thing I want end up out of work again. I might lose my desk on Monday cos the person who’s desk it is *should* be returning from sick leave. I understand it would be quite interesting if he does and they aren’t really expecting it.

I spent today in the house, and was on duty twice. In between I read – Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, far more explicit than the film – and saw my mentor sister. It’s reflexology tomorrow. I’ve referred myself for counselling now, and got a call about it today but wasn’t there to answer. Left a message and am waiting for them to call back again. I’m still thinking of something the spiritual director asked me to think about. I’m supposed to be thinking about what my ideas/images of God are. I don’t really know. I’m finding this one quite hard to think about.

I’m hoping to go and talk to someone about prayer and herbal medicine tomorrow if i can get in touch with them.

I’ve had a nice evening making cards. I’m always self conscious about such things as I have no confidence in them so I hope they are appreciated. I could always give up again and BUY cards again. It’s a busy month for birthdays and things.

Right, after a short break to reconnect to the electricity I’m back to continue in my random burblings.

I was very dedicated and went swimming last night. I REALLY didn’t want to go swimming but I went eventually, after wandering around town for an hour and a half procrastinating. 26 lengths. Not bad. Definately need a new swimming costume tho. Having fun in the water did remind me of lots of fun I had on Sidmouth beach during the folk festival last year with a penguin and a cuddly toy.

There was lots of snow again today. Last time it snowed, it snowed cotton wool balls but today I just woke up and it was there. I *DO* wake up occasionally.

I’m still trying to write my essays. I feel like I’ve been trying to do them forever. I’ve set myself a deadline tho. I’ve been advised from various folks to give up the course but if I complete the year I’ll get a qualification, at last. Last week I said if I didn’t do some work (an average of 1 hour per night) then I’d seriously consider giving up. I think I did about 20 hours this week, so that’s more than an hour per night. The goal for next week is that I need to have submitted an essay. ARGH. That, too, seems a rash promise. It’s not a big essay but I haven’t finished reading for it yet, so I’d better hurry up.

I’m going to a conference in Derbyshire next weekend which should be interesting. I’m also going to be a group leader which could be even more interesting. I must remember to be on my best behaviour for the weekend. It’s going to be a shame leaving the convent for a few days tho. Last time I did that it took a while to settle into again. Oh well.

I’m being taught to budget while I’m here, it’s something I’m terrible at, but I’m supposed to share the figures to check I’m doing it right. It certainly will be an interesting experience!!! Hopefully it will get me better at doing such things and we’ll see what happens. It can’t be a bad thing, can it?

Anyway, I have 9.00 duty again tomorrow so I’d better get some sleep, and I still have to read some of the Journal Keeping book, the bible and pray. Maybe I was being too optimistic, but I’ve started now so I may as well finish. *Yawn*

Night night.