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What I wanted to post weeks ago was…

I went to a cracking conference. It was called Bringing Hope and was the churches response to the Guns and Gangs situation in Birmingham. I had to go as I was working their that day but I was really impressed with how interesting it was. I will possibly write more later but I just wanted to note how interesting it was.

Also, seeing as I’ve just outed where abouts I work, I may as well tell all you good folks where the website is. I do ask that you remember that it isn’t finished yet. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.


The reasons I’ve not been writing much…

Are somewhat complicated but worryingly mundane. I’ve been doing too many things. I’m involved in an organisation (which I’d rather not name) that has hit a rocky patch and whatever is decided is going to hurt someone and so it’s making decision making hard.

Decision making on an entirely different front – I heard back from four of the 6 jobs. I’ve had one rejection, which didn’t surprise me, and three offers of interviews. I’m not planning to stay in this city for much longer so have been applying for jobs elsewhere and while this does have its good points it makes getting to interviews something of a challenge. This is tied into the previous post. I have two interviews next week and one the week after. As I am a temp atm I need to work in order to get any pay at all due to complicated holiday structures. It means that I need to make the trip at least twice. The interviews are in two different organisations and each have their pros and cons. I’m not sure which of two jobs I want most. Assuming I get offered any of them.

The sisters are being really supportive and it’s brilliant. I’m going to be away so much over the next few weeks and, theoretically, there isn’t long before I leave. I still need somewhere to stay but I’ll deal with that after I have got myself a job. I really hope things go okay otherwise I really am going to be stuck. I can’t believe how fast time is going now. It seems only yesterday I was thinking that it was only half way through and I needed to start looking at the future. I must be getting old. One of the sisters, she’s 90, keeps saying how fast time goes by. At least I have a few years to go before I get to 90!

I have also agreed to chair another committee for another organisation I’m involved with. I must be mad, but is should be good fun (at times). As long as things don’t need doing during the day time over the next fortnight! I think, with the exception of the days I’m away, I average two events per day. The majority of those are work days too. Who’d have thought a year ago I would be complaining about how little time there is for things?

Understandably the website has moved onto the backburner. It is still under discussion and a work in progress but I still need time to actually do it and to meet with the sisters. That sounds a strange thing to say that I’m struggling with but it is true. With Sundays having a different timetable to the other days, until today I hadn’t had normal lunch with them in about a fortnight. I’ve been out, ill or busy every day. It’s mad.

I have found the last few weeks very affirming and positive. I’m about to embark on a whole new chapter of my life and I’m finding it worryingly unscary!!! Okay, next week it might be different but even now it still seems okay, ish.

When I first came up with the plan I spent a long time looking for reasons why it was a bad plan and none of them were prohibitive so two months on, here I am. I really hope things are going in the right direction, but only time will tell.

*Yawn* Must get sleep before interviews.



It’s been an interesting day here in the convent. It’s been Associates day, and now I really am outing myself in relation to the community on the internet. The website was mentioned to the associates who are got to look at it and some comments may follow from one or two of them, which will be appreciated. It means that soon all you lovely folk will be able to see it. I desperately need to make a few corrections to it.

It’s actually been a really nice day despite the fact that I’m so, so tired now. I was worried about today as there were going to be a few more people than normal, like about 4 times the usual number and so I wasn’t sure how I was going to survive. I did fine apparently and the associates are a really lovely bunch who really seem to have a great deal of affection for the Sisters and that’s brilliant.

I did end up being asked to talk to everyone after receiving no warning but it was okay and I survived that too. Apparently it was good so that was okay.

It’s really kind of worrying that I have so little time left here and it will be such a shock to the system not being here but I’m also not sure I can do it permanently. I’ll think about that nearer the time.

It’s been a good week actually. I’ve been able to spend more time in the house this week and have been feeling more spiritual too, and I haven’t even been drinking. Much. Work want to keep me for a while, counselling went well, today went well, I read yesterday at the Eucharist and that, too, went well.

I’m still appreciating my new crockery and feel sorry for all my housemates, sisters and others, who have had this stuff presented to them with a great deal of pride. Mum wasn’t so impressed though, although it doesn’t matter.

I applied for 6 jobs last week too, and requested information for a number of flats. I’m actually doing pro-active things which is something of a shock to the system.

Anyway, 20-something minutes til supper and I need to collect some thoughts. Don’t know where from but…