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It’s the little things

I notice that thing has been happening with my blog again – nothing. I really should make an effort to write on it more often. The problem is there is nothing bloggable going on at the moment.

The HIV resource pack I mentioned is now available in hard copy, and as promised I will link to it when it’s online. It’s really cool to see it all in a printed format. 😀 That is one of the little things.

Another little thing is somewhat sillier. My wallet broked. It ended up with a hole in it that pound coins could fit through. As I don’t have many of the things I’d quite like to hang onto them. 😉 Having resigned myself to this unexpected expenditure, I wandered round the mall to try and find something that would do. I looked in all the usual haunts and thought I’d check out Monsoon – a bit more expensive than usual but lovely. Anyway, after weighing up the pros and cons of each option I took a deep breath and went back to Monsoon. Thinking that £8 was perfectly acceptable (if not a little over the £5 I spent last time) I chose the colour I wanted and took it to the till. The woman scanned it into the machine and said “That’ll be £2.40 please – no that can’t be right. Hang on a minute…”. Anyway, sometime later (after the majority of the shop staff had been involved) she confirmed that it was indeed £2.40!!!! I really was most delighted. I’m guessing black was definitely the colour to go for. I’ve been told the green ones are still the higher price.
To celebrate this I bought a sparkly blue flower to go on it, so I know it’s mine. All in all, it was still around the same price as the cheaper purses I saw. :D:D:D As mentioned above, it’s the little things that make me happy.

Another little thing is that I *might* be following in Smudgie’s footsteps. I hinted at this a few posts back but I’d guess the time has come to explain a little more.
I’m in the process of enquiring about starting local preachers training. I’ve been trying to think up excuses not to for ages but they all seem to have run out now. 😉 Anyway, I went to meet with the Superintendent and he’s a lovely guy who seems quite supportive, as do the church. I’ve already agreed to become involved in some of the all age worship services. The new minister seems supportive too. There are still two more stages to go, if I understand the process correctly, it has to go through church council then the local preachers meeting. I’ll know by the end of November – at which point I’ll be miles away. He he he. I’m away for w*rk while they’ll be deciding for me. I think I’m away during church council too, so it’s a good thing I’m not on it. 😀

I think that’ll do for now. Next time I blog, hopefully I’ll have something interesting to say. That might be pushing it though…

Going away again

Tomorrow I’m off on my travels again. I’m going off to a conference then going away for a w*rk weekend. Oh, what a jet set life I lead… It’s so tiring. 😉

Our new minister started at the church today. She seems very nice and we went out for lunch after the service. I do like this church and feel very settled there. It’s great. 😀

After Greenbelt

Oops. I archived this the first time.

Greenbelt was brilliant. I definitely went to more things last year but this year was just a lovely opportunity to meet with people. I saw Dave almost everywhere I went and got a copy of his cartoon booklet from the Church Times Stall which was very near the SCM stall. We had our new publicity on display which was sooooo cool. It’s a whole series of really sweet cartoon characters and it’s the first time they’ve been on display. People definitely seemed to like them although we did get a lot of questions about what a whovian is, as one of the pictures is of a whovian. It entertained me when Sophs’ dalek was onsite. A whovian is a Dr Who fanatic, just as a trekkie is a Star Trek fanatic. It was good to see Sophs again.

I only managed to go to the sessions I was involved in running, and I didn’t make it to the wibmeet. I really wanted to meet Fishsoup and Dave K, I think, the only wibloggers who I hadn’t met before and didn’t meet during the weekend. I particularly wanted to meet Fishsoup as she had been my WISEe. I also haven’t met the non-wibsite bloggers who were on the Greenbelt thread. I saw lots of Tractor Girl (sometimes accompanied by Third Party), Jack working hard, Alice and Benjamin, Sarah, Excited Rainbow Girl (who was definitely excited and Rainbowed), Carrie Bradshaw and Tall Girl and Mr Tall Girl. I also think I met Jacqui but in an entirely different hat on so got confused. It doesn’t take a lot.

I think that my sessions went well but it’s always hard to judge when you’re leading them. We packed the speakers section of the Christian Aid tent on Saturday which was brilliant. I really think that the workshop which looked at the Jewish Oral law tradition is facinating and it was really good to see all sorts of people engaging with it.

I still haven’t removed by wrist band yet. I just got used to it being there. I must remember to do it otherwise I’ll forget for ages. 😉

Oh, and a message for Smudgie – I’m going to meet with the Superintendent two weeks today but I’ve never met him before so there is a lot to discuss and probably a long way to go before anything happens. Don’t you just love cryptic comments on blogs. BTW, Smudgie, did the post cards from Mum arrive?


I think the time has come to tell people what I’m going to be involved in at Greenbelt seeing as it has been hinted at on the boards.

I will be working on the SCM stall for some of the weekend along with a number of able and willing volunteers. I will also be involved in Student Space which will be in Olive between 6 and 7 on the Saturday night. It is called ‘That which Sustains Us’ and is a collaberation between SCM, SPEAK and Christian Aid’s Higher Education Unit. There will be the opportunity to explore campaigning and holistic leaving. The session will conclude with a reflective worship time on the theme of the Four Elements.

On the Sunday afternoon I’ll be jointly running a session called ‘Become a Rabbi’ with someone from the Council of Christians and Jews. It will be an introduction to the tradition of Mishnah and seeing how we can use it today to help us when looking at ethics. This will be held in the Christian Aid tent between 4 and 5.

I’m hoping to make it to Dave’s panel on blogging but I can’t remember when that is. I’m also hoping to meet up with people from all sorts of places including the Wibsite, the Ship, Uni chaplaincy as it is now, SCM of course, the convent and all sorts of other random places. It should be good and I’ll be pleased if I can average meeting one person from each place.

When I first went to Greenbelt, I hated it. I didn’t know anyone and, as I’ve mentioned before, I was blinded by science. Last year I couldn’t wander around the site without bumping into people I knew. I’m sure this year is going to be more interesting as I know far more people than I did. It should still be good.

I’ve also got to the point of checking out my tent. I’ve put it up in the living room and it still looks decidedly like a tent. It is also big enough for me which is progress from last year. Silly tents for children ;). I’ve got a new sleeping bag and rucksac ready. I’ve been doing washing to make sure I’ve got the right clothes clean. I do still need to buy food and pack but I’ll do that later in the week.

Oh, following mentioning the lovely old lady in my block of flats. I found out that 70 years was actually a spot on guess for our age difference, give or take a couple of months. Anyway, she died at the end of last month which was a real shame, but she was 93 which is a very respectable age. My thoughts and prayers have been with her friends and family.


After Edinburgh

The whole experience of being part of the protest was fantastic but it was a little draining. Suffice to say, the combination of being in the Meadows for a day and having hayfever means my chest is all clogged up now. What else do you expect when you go on holiday?

I’m back down in Devon following a train journey of over 7 hours. Thank goodness for 14 day advance first class tickets. I don’t know what I would have done without the almost constant provision of drinks. Oh the luxury. That was £29 very well spent.

I’m back with the family again. Grandad has been moved to a lovely community hospital, I hear. When I’ve stopped sniffling I’ll go and visit. It was my sister’s 21st birthday yesterday. I can’t believe she’s all grown up now! Apparently she had a lovely day which was just brilliant news.

I really must get my WISE gifts sorted. I’m sure I’m going to end up being one of the last people to send and receive mine. As I’m so far from home at the moment I’m not going to check in until mid next week and I really need to send the presents before then. I’m beginning to get some good ideas as my WISE victim has been posting some very interesting things on her blog lately… I’m sure there are only so many things you can add to a blog that you wouldn’t mind for under the price limit. Anyway, my gifts will come with a little of my sense of humour (I hope), so you have been warned.

Make Tiredness History

Okay, so I’ve been out of the march for over 24 hours and really should have posted – however I needed sleeeeeeeeeeeeep.

The march was brilliant despite having to queue for over 2 hours before we started marching. There was a good variety of people present, each nicely fitting into the stereotypes in an entertaining manner. There was the Mothers’ Union woman who kept trying to organise her husband and kept referring to him as ‘Dahhhhhling’. There were the students looking student-like, hippies looking hippy-like and all sorts of other people in between. The diversity was amazing.

I spent most of the day near the contempl8ion zone which was where the faith based organisations had their information. This meant that I chose not to see any of the events happening on the main stage but I did hear Texas. I had the opportunity to meet up with the bloggers mentioned below as well as Ship people and SCMers. It was really nice to put names to faces even though Tractor Girl did have blue face paint all over her face.

The march round the city was fantastic but it did take a very long time. While the march itself took less than an hour queuing was something of a problem. There were so many people that there was a wait of over 2 hours to go through the barriers. It really was hot, and the one flaw in planning that I spotted was not having water points. If we had left the queue, it would have taken hours to get through again and a litre of water can only last so long. There were many placards available and a group of us discussed which organisations we’d have problems carrying banners for. The opinions of the masses seemed to be that they were grateful that The Mirror had spent so much money on them but the average activist would rather be seen dead than actually have ‘The Mirror’ emblazoned on the placard. The result of this was that there were a huge number of people carrying shorter placards and pieces of paper saying ‘The Mirror’ were carefully left lying behind them. I wonder what the impact would have been if it had been a ‘quality’ daily rather than a tabloid.

I think many of the particpants will be wearing extra white bands for a while as there will be tide marks from the sun. We ended up really quite pink by the end of the day.

Somewhere in the region of 225000 people went to Edinburgh and made the event feel like a real festival. I was honoured to be part of it.

Since yesterday I have had a chance to look at some of the local media output folllowing yesterdays event. It’s been really positive and there have been some really nice images. It has only been today that I have found out how many people were there as we were told significantly less during the march. I would definitely think that the estimate published in the media is closer to the mark.

Edinburgh is still trying to deal with the other protests that are happening. People were stopping the war today having made history (which we genuinely did) yesterday. There is anarchy tomorrow and climate change on Wednesday. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out but I’m off on Tuesday.

I hope that by then I will ache slightly less and have caught up on some sleep as I started to do for most of this evening. I’m sure I will recover eventually – maybe in time for the next one. 😉

What I hope will come out of this event, and Live 8, is peoples increased involvement in the campaign. Just because we made history yesterday doesn’t mean that we don’t need to do the same tomorrow, next week, next month, and for many more months and years to come.

Make [add correct term here] History

The blog entries, like so much about this weekend, are going to play on the idea of making things history. Tonight I’m definitely making the ‘add correct term here’ approach history.

I’ve now arrived safely in Edinburgh after an inevitably delayed train. We had announcements about the protests and I was particularly glad that I had booked first class. Oh the joy of being efficient and arranging such things in April or May. It did mean that my efficiency cost me the option of spending time at the w*rk do this evening in St. John’s Church. I arrived just in time for wine and a little socialising plus a lot of discussion about our recently completed online game of mafia.

Edinburgh is definitely preparing for the worst. Shops are boarded up and buses have been redirected. Campaigners of all shapes, sizes and types are already here. The station is changing the way it works for about a week and the shops that aren’t boarded up have lots of white things in the window.

I should be up and about nice and early tomorrow. If people are going and really want to contact me, my number for the weekend (only) is 07913 613499. I’ll be in the contempl8ion zone for some of the time. I should also pay attention to the wiblog phone number so I can update while I’m at it.

It’s going to be fun, especially as I had to go to the doctors this morning to get something removed from the sole of my foot and it’s still not happy. I did get sufficiently lectured but the moral of the story is not go wandering round a city with no shoes on. You might get splinters. Oops.

Anyway, I’m sure it will be fun and will update as soon as I can. I am also keeping a vague track about how many white bands people are wearing. The winner seems to be on about 10!

Edinburgh and Packing

Right. I’m off to Edinburgh tomorrow then I’m on holiday for a week. It’s eleven o’clock at night. I’ve not started packing, not finished the washing or washing up and I appear to have injured my foot carelessly.

What is the distraction then? A new computer! :D:D:D:D:D:D It’s a work computer and I’m just testing it but she’s so much fun. Her name is Agnes and she’s fantastic.

Anyway, if anyone can think of what I need to pack I’d appreciate some advice 😉 I’m off to bed and I’ll do it in the Morning! That will be fun.

By the way, I have a couple of copies of ‘Change the World for a Fiver’ going spare. Anyone interested? Alternatively check out a Sainsbury’s or two. 50 pence each!!!!

Night all.

The real reason I popped by…

I popped by today, having taken a little break, to find out how people are getting on, because Ian commented that I hadn’t been around and because two things have inspired me to write again.

Firstly and most importantly, my grandfather has been taken to hospital this evening and I’m really worried about him. He’s neither as young or healthy as he was and there is the possibility that he could have had a stroke. It’s a long way home – 3 hours on the train or nearly 5 on the bus, and therefore isn’t cheap but really that is the last of my priorities at the moment. If I need to go home I most certainly will. I’ve been waiting by the phone for news since Mum called to tell me this was happening and that was almost 4 hours ago. Still nothing. I really hope he pulls through.

Before all that happened I was planning to stop by and tell you a little about something I spent the day exploring. I went to a most interesting event about HIV/AIDS and the church. It was a really challenging and thought provoking day which has inspired me in very many ways. It is also something that worryingly few western churches campaign about or work with. Once I’ve got my thoughts more in order and clarified what’s happening re Grandad I’ll write more about it. It’s certainly an area that each of us should explore further.

Regarding swimming – I’ve been about 10 times this month but am currently in something of a quiet patch having been travelling more. This means that I’ve not had access to the pool. 🙁 Anyway I’ll keep trying.

*quick wave*


I know I’ve been absent for a little while – I mean nearly a month without a word. How dare I?!

Things have been a little busy. This time last month I was at the SCM conference. If you didn’t see any comments about it, Sophs and Sarah posted about it. It was good to see that they enjoyed it. Since then I have been on a mad tour of the country including Bristol, Bath, Swansea, Glamorgan, Cardiff, Bangor, Liverpool, Manchester, Radcliffe, Nottingham, Derby and Loughborough. It certainly was mad! It was good to see people all over the place and I’d specifically like to wave at the Swansea Massive! While I was on my travels I saw Alice and Benjamin who both seem very well. I have a photo that I will *try* and upload at some point. Benjamin is sweet and it was really lovely to be able to stay with them both.

I have done so much lately though, and I cannot remember everything that has happened.

I’m currently staying with family for Easter and Mum and I are going to the Peak District next week. It’s been quite funny though as me and the lady from the B and B got so confused that I originally booked for the wrong week. Oops. It’s sorted now.

Anyway, I’ll be off.